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RFQ #15-005 A/E Related Services for Design and Construction

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Current Opportunities

Unison Housing Partners takes pride in each and every team member and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. To the great extent possible, Unison provides employment, on the job training and contract opportunities for low and very-low income residents in connection with projects and activities administered by the organization.

Community Manager

Maintenance Technician

Section 3 Employment Opportunity Data

Unison receives funding from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and has certain requirements that must be met on a continual basis.
Applicants qualify if they are:
  • Residents of the housing development in which the contract shall be expended
  • Residents of other housing developments owned and/or managed by ACHA
  • Residents within ACHA’s boundaries who meet the income guidelines

Please review the income guidelines to assist in determining your qualifications.

Income Guidelines

Who We Are

As a progressive housing authority built to address 21st century challenges, we empower people and strengthen communities in Adams County.